Changes for the year 17-18

We are pleased to report that we have recruited three new community related Governors for the new academic year and a staff Governor too. The new Governors bring with them a wealth of appropriate skills that will enable a strong Governance of the school as we move through this year.

Who are the school governors and what do we do?

The school’s governors are a group of 9 volunteers including 3 elected parents, 3 staff and 3 members of the local community. We meet twice per term as a full governing body and work to support and challenge the school. We monitor the school’s performance and finances and set targets to improve standards. Parents are encouraged to raise any suggestions or concerns with their class teacher or the Head Teacher in the first instance but they can also contact Governors through the school office if they need advice, support or feel any issue remains unresolved or that their voice is not being heard in any way.

Within the governing body we have two committees; Finance, Premises (& Health & Safety) and Personnel Committee which meets once per half term and the Curriculum Committee meets once per term.

Chair of Governors:   Ms Rebecca Hayton

Vice Chair of Governors:   Dr Jan Tanner

Parent Governors:

  1. Ms Rebecca Hayton (Finance, Premises & Personnel & Curriculum)
  2. Mrs Lynne Perfect (Safeguarding)
  3. Vacancy

Staff Governors:

  1. Ms Melodie Fearns (Headteacher/Finance,Premises & Personnel & Curriculum)
  2. Mrs Sharron Mitchell (Assistant Headteacher/Finance, Premises & Personnel & Curriculum – co-opted)
  3. Miss Natasha Parramint (Curriculum – elected)

Community Governors:

  1. Dr Jan Tanner (Finance, Premises & Personnel – co-opted)
  2. Mr Sam Jinks (Local Authority) (Curriculum)
  3. Mrs Margaret Lawrence (Finance, Premises & Personnel – co-opted)

There are no Governors with declared financial or business interests in the school and one Governor is about to become a Governor of another local school (Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy).

CLICK HERE for Governor Information 2016-17

CLICK HERE for current serving Governor Information Record Nov 17

Curriculum Committee

The curriculum committee ensures that the school offers a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of all children. The committee also ensures that children have access to the early years and national curriculum as appropriate and that high academic standards are maintained. The role of the Curriculum Committee is to monitor the curriculum provision, attainment and achievement of all pupils and for particular groups (SEND/vulnerable groups / gender/ disadvantaged etc ). It also monitors attendance to ensure that poor attendance is not a barrier to learning. The Committee explores strengths and weaknesses in curriculum provision and outcomes for children and provides challenge to the school to continually strive for improvement.

Finance, Premises & Personnel Committee


The premises committee ensures that all the children have a suitable and safe school environment that meets all legislative requirements. To do this we check that the buildings are fit for purpose and well maintained. We carry out risk assessments where appropriate and address any health and safety concerns that arise. We plan for premises development, review and plan for accessibility and consider premises related expenditure.


The personnel committee oversees the staffing structure of the school, safe recruitment of staff, their professional development and their well-being. To do this we also discuss the school’s policies & procedures related to personnel such as Safeguarding, DBS, equal opportunities, grievance & discipline etc. and consider personnel related expenditure.


The Finance Committee oversees the financial management of the school and makes sure that it operates within budget and makes the most effective use of the funds it receives.  The Finance Committee helps the Head Teacher to set a 3 year plan of projected income and expenditure and also advises on policies relating to financial matters and ensures that suitable financial controls are in place

such as audits of voluntary funds.