Welcome to Nursery – 2017-18

Our staff offer you a warm welcome to Nursery.

Nursery are known as Octopus class.

The Nursery staff are:

Teacher:                        Miss Bunker

Teaching Assistant:     Mrs Thornton

Support Assistants:     Miss Ingram, Miss Kerrison, Miss Cox-Donovan, Miss Doole & MrsWhitmore


CLICK HERE for the Nursery Curriculum Map 17-18




On the farm

The children have been learning all about farming. We know the animals that belong on the farm and we know the noises they make.

We have learnt that the food we eat is grown on a farm and tractors have a very important job to do.

“Tractors have big wheels” Malik

“The tractors go slowly” Filipa

We made a big scarecrow and named him George. We looked at different shapes when making our own scarecrow heads. Some had triangle hats and some had square hats.


After listening to the ‘scarecrow’s hat’ story we created our own cornfields.

Our Harvest Festival is on Wednesday 18th October at 9am or 2.30pm. We have been practicing our song “we are little pumpkins” ready for our performance.





We would like to welcome you to the nursery webpage.

The children are settling in brilliantly and even in their first few weeks of being in nursery have been very busy.

We listened to the children’s interests and they love the Baker man song. We decorated cakes and made cookies. We learnt that our cookies were circle shaped.

We have enjoyed counting rhymes including five currant buns.

This week we are having fun with ten fat sausages.

We made play dough sausages and counted them into the pan.

We have acted out the song using pans and sausages and even made our own saucepans and pipe cleaner sausages.





NSPCC NetAware

Please visit this very helpful website that is designed to help parents understand websites that their children use and what the risks are, as well as reviewing them and offering advice on parental controls.






Our topic for the next few weeks is Minibeasts.  We will be learning about snails, spiders, bees, ladybirds and will look in particular at the life cycle of butterflies and frogs.

The children have been enjoying observing the tadpoles that we have in the nursery.

Watch this space for photos of the children’s work!





As part of our Arts and Cultural week nursery have been learning about Hawaii. We have been looking at the brightly coloured clothes they wear and making our own. We also tasted some of the exotic fruits that grow in Hawaii like pineapples and mangos. We also listened to Hawaiian music and learnt a dance to one of their favourite songs.






cleaning our teeth!

The nursery had a dental hygienist visit nursery to show us how to look after our teeth. She brought her friend Skye in to show us how to properly clean our teeth we all had a go at cleaning Skye’s teeth with a rather large brush. The children learnt the importance of eating the right foods and that too much sugar can make their teeth go bad.

12-1-17-057 12-1-17-094




Chinese new year

The children have been celebrating the Chinese new year. They have been listening to Chinese music and using musical instruments to play along, They watched a video of the traditional dragon dance and had a go at doing it themselves with music and costumes. The nursery also tasted Chinese food and gave each other golden chocolate coins in red envelopes as a symbol of good luck.





Parents come in and play.

The nursery children invited their grown ups to come and play with them this week. The children enjoyed having their grown ups come in and experience some of the activities that they had been doing for the fairytale topic. The grown ups were able to see how their children were progressing and could ask the staff for any advice to help their child’s learning. It was a fun week for all!


12-1-17-184 12-1-17-186 12-1-17-188





Nursery have been learning about fairytales ,they have been looking at The Three Little Pigs, The Gingerbread man and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children made and tasted porridge to see which one was just right they also made and decorated Gingerbread men using scales to measure out all the ingredients. They practiced counting out three objects and matching the different sized beds ,chairs and bowls to the different sized bears for Goldilocks. The children had a go at constructing with different kinds of materials they liked the large bricks the best for building and knocking down!


9-2-17-020 9-2-17-031 9-2-17-032