People that help us

Last week in class we were learning about the different kinds of people that help us. We had a visit from our lollipop lady who helps us cross the road when we come to school.

We went out and visited our local zebra crossing where we were able to learn about the different colours that are on our zebra crossings.





Welcome to Reception 2017-18

Reception children are known as Dolphin Class.

The new year has started well with all the children settling quickly into school routines.

The Reception Class Staff are:

Teacher/s:                    Miss Holland

Teaching Assistants:  Miss Bowes and Mr Fox.

CLICK HERE for Reception Curriculum Map 2017-18





NSPCC NetAware

Please visit this very helpful website that is designed to help parents understand websites that their children use and what the risks are, as well as reviewing them and offering advice on parental controls.





Norfolk Wildlife Trust

In the first summer term Reception had a challenge from Norfolk Wildlife trust. We were challenged to encourage minibeasts into our school environment. We decided to plant new plants in the garden to encourage them. We succeeded and Norfolk Wildlife Trust came in to see our garden at the end of our topic and were really pleased with our efforts. They gave us a certificate to say well done. We also successfully looked after tadpoles and watched them change into froglets before releasing them back into a pond.




Time and Tide visit

Reception went to visit the Time and Tide museum on Monday 12th June. We had lots of fun following the adventure of a herring fish and were amazed by how tall the smoke houses were and how stinky they were.

In the afternoon we looked at a herring and had a go at drawing it. We also tried smoked haddock. 17 of us really enjoyed it.




Welcome Back

We hope you had a great half term. We have now finished saving the school as Paw Patrollers and our learning about Julia Donaldson books for the next two weeks. This week is ‘Sharing a Shell’. Click on the link below to see the parent sheet.





Reception Maths Stay and Play 2/2/17

Thank you to all the parents who came along. We loved learning with you and hope to see you again very soon.

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New Paw Patrol mission!!

Today Mrs Fearns was very distraught as she couldn’t remember her bike lock combination!! Luckily Reception Paw Patrol were on hand and were able to channel their ‘Chase the Police Dog’ skills to sort the problem out. They even used real walkie talkies in the challenge!! ‘No Job is to big, No pup is too small’

Mrs Fearns -bike (click on the link to see the mission)

First we had to calculate the numbers by using our addition and subtraction skills….

034 035

Once we had the numbers for the code we had to unlock the bike!

028 029 030 032

Finally we gave the good news to Mrs Fearns

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Next weeks parent sheet:paw-patrol-parent-sheet-5




Paw Patrol continues…

Please click on the link below for this weeks parent sheet.




We hope to see you at our maths Stay and Play on Thursday at 8.45-10am!




Paw Patrol Missions in Reception

This week in Reception we have had 3 Paw Patrol missions. The first came through on Monday with a very concerned Mrs Fearns who had lost the keys for school!!!! We had to use our senses like Paw Patroller Tracker to find them!!

The next mission on Thursday was helping to create light in our dark shed so Mr Himpleman could see to tidy it up!

shed mission  (click on this link to see our second mission!!)

We all explored how to make a circuit and fixed the problem like Paw Patroller Rubble!

055 058 061

On Friday Mrs Fearns was insistent she needed our help to promote recycling in school. We decided to channel Paw Patroller Rocky and designed recycling posters for our new recycle bins we are getting in class. Mrs Fearns was super pleased with them and announced the posters which will be used around the school. Well done Yasmine and Andreja-great work.

072 074 075

Aimar a special mission to you too as you were very inventive giving your poster an evelope at the back to put in the paper to recycle!


What missions await us next week Paw Patrollers!! Look at the parent sheet for a sneak peek!