Welcome to Year 2 2017-18

Year 2 have returned with real purpose and have quickly settled into excellent learning routines.

Year 2 are arranged in to two teaching groups this year led by : Miss Parramint (Seals) and Miss Gislam (Jellyfish).

They are joined in class by:  Ms Jordan & Miss Catchpole.


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Welcome to Year 2

We are excited about the opportunity to get to know you, and are looking forward to a wonderful year.

Pupils are asked to bring their book bags daily to school and PE kit on Mondays and Thursdays.

Children will be given a book to read and to share with an adult a minimum of three (3) times a week.

English, spelling and Maths homework will be given on a Friday to be returned the following Wednesday with a spelling test on Thursday, it will be put in their book bags and will consolidate their learning in class.

If you would like help or to clarify your understanding of concepts used within school, please do not hesitate to ask.


Once again, welcome to Year 2. Let’s work together to make this a brilliant year!


Yours sincerely,

The Year 2 team




Gangsta Grannies visit St George’s!

Today we have had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting four rebellious gangsta grannies! From the moment school started the grannies have been up to mischief, stealing the children’s belongings and causing trouble throughout our World Book day.

The children have participated in a range of activities: designing grannies, observational drawings, dancing, listening to parts of the story and watching it!

The Easter bunny also paid us a visit and took the children on an Easter egg hunt where all the children found an egg! Hooray!


There is no need to panic the four grannies have now been banned from teaching at the school, so there is no need to contact Mrs Fearns.

We wish you a wonderful Easter and look forward to seeing you on the 17th April 2018.

Year two team.





Where in the world?

Next half term we will be learning about continents and oceans and we would like your help! At the beginning of the term we will be making Gingerbread men. However, one of the gingerbread men is going to escape to go exploring!

If you have any family or friends that live in different places other than Great Yarmouth, in the UK or around the world, it would be brilliant if you could ask them to send a postcard to our school with the words ‘Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread man!’ We are then going to learn all about where the gingerbread man has been. (Please address postcards to Year 2 with the above phrase only)

Postcards can be sent to:

Year 2

St Peter’s Rd,

Great Yarmouth


NR30 3BQ

This theme does not start until Tuesday 17th April; therefore we have plenty of time! We are confident that the children will thoroughly enjoy this theme, packed with lots of learning opportunities!




Victorian School Day

Today the children got to experience what it would have been like to be a child going to school during the Victorian era.

They came into the class and were greeted by very strict teachers. They recited the Lord’s prayer and could only sit once told. In Arithmetic, they recited their times tables and in English they practiced their handwriting. In the afternoon, boys were sent out to play Victorian sports whilst the girls cleaned and cooked food for the boys.

The children all participated with great enthusiasm- even when getting the cane! However, most children decided that they prefer school how it is today and wouldn’t want to travel back in time!





NSPCC NetAware

Please visit this very helpful website that is designed to help parents understand websites that their children use and what the risks are, as well as reviewing them and offering advice on parental controls.


If you have any concerns regarding your child’s safety online, please don’t hesitate to seek advice and support from your child’s class teacher. 




Busy in the kitchen

This week we have been busy in the kitchen making gruesome gruel!

The children made their own mixtures, added them into a large sauce pan and watched it cook for 10 minutes. Once the mixture had cooled, the children were given the opportunity to sample their creation.

Not all children enjoyed tasting the gruesome dish but there were a few that said, ‘Please can I have some more?’- in keeping with our current story of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.

The children went onto writing their own instructions on how to make gruesome gruel.

If this sounds like a dish you would like to sample, a recipe can be found in their scrap books! 





We hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas and we can’t wait to hear all about it!

During this spring term, our topic will be the Victorians. We have lots of enjoyable learning experiences planned for the children that will include trips to the local museum where the children will experience the wonder of living during the Victorian era and comparing to their lives today. We will also be preparing some Victorian dishes including gruesome gruel, brainy broth, delicious Victoria sponge and juicy jam.

The children will be creating a scrap book of all of their Victorian work from across the curriculum subjects that we intend to be on exhibit at the Time and Tide Museum later in the term. We hope that you will join us in celebrating the children’s hard work!

In our classroom, we work hard to accomplish our learning goals and this is particularly important this year where the children will undergo challenges (S.A.Ts) in English and Math in June.

You can help your child by completing homework that we set each week on a Friday, this will be due the following Wednesday. This is alongside reading three times a week, practicing spellings and number facts.

If your child has difficulty completing the schools expectations of homework, please talk to your child’s class teacher for support and advice.

Dates to remember:

Monday & Thursday (Jellyfish) – PE

Tuesday & Wednesday (Seal) – PE

Wednesday – Homework due in.

Three times a week – Reading, practising spellings and number facts.




Robin Hood

As part of our Robin Hood topic, the children were given a lesson on archery. All that took part enjoyed the experience and would make fine archers in our opinion!




Things that go POP!

Today our children have taken the role of mini scientists experimenting with things that go POP!

Our first experiment was called ‘Dancing Raisins‘. We added raisins to lemonade and observed the reaction. The children appeared to be fascinated with watching the raisins ‘dance’.

For the second experiment the children predicted what would happen if we increased the amount of Mentos we added to coke for each of the four bottles.

Much to the children’s amusement (not the adults) the coke exploded everywhere including onto the teachers! The results proved the children’s predictions, the more Mentos added would cause a larger explosion!

The children and adults all had a fantastic day discovering the enjoyment of working scientifically.






World War 1 poems

We are very proud to publish these fantastic World War 1 poems to our school page for all to admire!


Well done children, these are wonderful to read and we hope you are as proud as we are of your poetry writing!


A loud tank shooting

Dangerous barbed wire cutting people

A dangerous shot gun shooting

A dangerous machine gun shooting

A metal rifle shooting at people

A Germany colossal Zeppelin airship is flying over Great Yarmouth

By Alfie



A gun shooting

A soldier fighting

The bombs falling

A soldier riding

A bomb coming

The soldier surrenders

The tank is shooting very fast

The scared soldier hiding in the muddy trenches

The memorial is covered in poppies

By Dylan



The poppies are blowing

The bombs are falling

The muddy soldiers are fighting

The bombs are exploding

The poppies are growing

By Emilija



The soldiers and enemy were marching against each other

A black gun banging

A colossal tank driving

A friendly soldier fighting

The allies won

Fields of hairy poppies blowing in the wind

By Gabriel



The big blue tanks were driving around in circles blowing people up

Big tanks driving

Red poppies flying

Brave soldiers shooting you

A big bomb dropping on the house

By Jordan



A bad troops shooting

The brave soldier shooting the bad guys

An angry soldier fighting

A red bomb falling

A brown soldier fighting in the war

A soldier battle

By Kajus



A brave soldier won the Great War

The memorials are for remembers day

A muddy gun firing

A sweaty tank driving

A red bomb dropping

The green poppies waving

A flaming Zeppelin flying

A white airship floating

A huge battlefield in the war

By Leila



A muddy soldier surrender

A poppies big red long

Blue guns shooting

A Zeppelin with flames flying

A tank is cold moving

By Lena



The guns are dirty and killed a lot of people

The nice poppies are red and the soldiers cut it when they fight

The big navy is shooting at the enemy

The war is frightening and is electric

The hard army fight in the trenches

The dangerous tank is battling the enemy

The noisy riffles are shooting the enemy

The treaty trenches

The troops attack the spikey barbed wire

By Lilea-Mai



A brave soldier fighting

Brave Major Cadbury flying airplane

A tank is metal and it is shooting you

A bomb is blue and it can kill you

A red poppy is waving

By Taio



Boats sailing fast

Soldiers fighting in the war

Tanks smashing through walls

Poppies waving in the summer

Explosions happening in the war

By Tyler



The people shooting you

The tank is shooting

The enemies shooting with a gun

The poppies are growing

By Vilte