The Great War (WW1) at the Time and Tide

Today the children have transformed into nurses, soldiers and pilots at an enjoyable morning of enrichment at the terrific Time and Tide museum!

We have tried our wings at flying  a WW1 Bi-plane with Captain Cadbury in the Royal Air Corp; the children appeared to particularly enjoy hurling watery missiles at the enemy teaching staff! This was before we visited a soldier on the front line to get our hands on the real kit!

As nurses we cleaned disgusting bedpans, made beds, performed surgery extracting deadly shrapnel and bandaged the injured.

The children have been talking about our morning activities all afternoon and we look forward to posting the children’s topic writing in the near future!






World War 1 poems

We are very proud to publish these fantastic World War 1 poems to our school page for all to admire!


Well done children, these are wonderful to read and we hope you are as proud as we are of your poetry writing!


A loud tank shooting

Dangerous barbed wire cutting people

A dangerous shot gun shooting

A dangerous machine gun shooting

A metal rifle shooting at people

A Germany colossal Zeppelin airship is flying over Great Yarmouth

By Alfie



A gun shooting

A soldier fighting

The bombs falling

A soldier riding

A bomb coming

The soldier surrenders

The tank is shooting very fast

The scared soldier hiding in the muddy trenches

The memorial is covered in poppies

By Dylan



The poppies are blowing

The bombs are falling

The muddy soldiers are fighting

The bombs are exploding

The poppies are growing

By Emilija



The soldiers and enemy were marching against each other

A black gun banging

A colossal tank driving

A friendly soldier fighting

The allies won

Fields of hairy poppies blowing in the wind

By Gabriel



The big blue tanks were driving around in circles blowing people up

Big tanks driving

Red poppies flying

Brave soldiers shooting you

A big bomb dropping on the house

By Jordan



A bad troops shooting

The brave soldier shooting the bad guys

An angry soldier fighting

A red bomb falling

A brown soldier fighting in the war

A soldier battle

By Kajus



A brave soldier won the Great War

The memorials are for remembers day

A muddy gun firing

A sweaty tank driving

A red bomb dropping

The green poppies waving

A flaming Zeppelin flying

A white airship floating

A huge battlefield in the war

By Leila



A muddy soldier surrender

A poppies big red long

Blue guns shooting

A Zeppelin with flames flying

A tank is cold moving

By Lena



The guns are dirty and killed a lot of people

The nice poppies are red and the soldiers cut it when they fight

The big navy is shooting at the enemy

The war is frightening and is electric

The hard army fight in the trenches

The dangerous tank is battling the enemy

The noisy riffles are shooting the enemy

The treaty trenches

The troops attack the spikey barbed wire

By Lilea-Mai



A brave soldier fighting

Brave Major Cadbury flying airplane

A tank is metal and it is shooting you

A bomb is blue and it can kill you

A red poppy is waving

By Taio



Boats sailing fast

Soldiers fighting in the war

Tanks smashing through walls

Poppies waving in the summer

Explosions happening in the war

By Tyler



The people shooting you

The tank is shooting

The enemies shooting with a gun

The poppies are growing

By Vilte





Welcome to Year 2 2017-18

Year 2 have returned with real purpose and have quickly settled into excellent learning routines.

Year 2 are arranged in to two teaching groups this year led by : Miss Parramint (Seals) and Miss Gislam (Jellyfish).

They are joined in class by:  Ms Jordan & Miss Catchpole.






Welcome back!

We hope that you have had a wonderful summer and we can’t wait to hear all about it!

During this autumn term, our topic will be the frightful First World War and we will be investigating a local fallen hero that went to our school! We have lots of enjoyable learning experiences planned for the children that will include a trip to the local museum where the children will become nurses and surgeons in the medical corps. They will have the opportunity to try their wings at flying a WW1 Bi-plane with captain Cadbury in the Royal Air Corps before they visit a soldier on the frontline to get their hands on the real kit!

In our classroom, we work hard to accomplish our learning goals and this is particularly important this year where the children will undergo challenges (S.A.Ts) in English and Math in June. You can help your child by completing homework that we set each week on a Thursday, this will be due the following Wednesday. This is alongside reading three times a week, practicing spellings and number facts.

Dates to remember:

Monday & Thursday (Jellyfish) – PE

Tuesday & Wednesday (Seal) – PE

Wednesday – Homework due in.

Three times a week – Reading, practising spellings and number facts.





NSPCC NetAware

Please visit this very helpful website that is designed to help parents understand websites that their children use and what the risks are, as well as reviewing them and offering advice on parental controls.





Summer Term 2

This half term our topic is called ‘Let’s Investigate.’

In Science we will be carrying out various exciting experiments using materials, exploring their properties and uses. In Art we will be investigating sculptures and designing and making a sculpture in the style of Henry Moore. In History we will be investigating the local area and exploring how it has developed through the ages. In English we will be finding out things using contents, index and glossary. In computing we will continue to investigate how to make things happen using code.

We will continue to develop Maths skills, including exploring inverse relationships and instant recall of facts. We will investigate different ways of making amounts using money.

Important Dates

Don’t forget ‘A Rainbow of Music’ at the Britannia Pier at 6.30pm on Friday 30th June 2017!!!

Sports Day will be on Friday 7th July at the Wellesley.





Year 2 Summer 1

25B9757100000578-0-image-a-52_1424078171105 Our topic this half term is Great Yarmouth to Rio 2016.

In English we will be producing an information text about Great Yarmouth and Rio.  We will be learning textual features including contents, index and glossary pages.  We will be continuing to develop grammatical knowledge for example; writing in the present tense using contractions and conjunctions.

During our topic sessions we will be focusing on Geography.  We will be looking at and comparing physical and human features of Great Yarmouth and Rio. (An enrichment visit to Haven Bridge is planned.) We will also be looking at a variety of maps such as aerial and map symbols.

In Art and Design and Technology we will be making bridges, reviewing techniques and exploring how to make them stronger.  We will be designing and making our own Rio Carnival head dresses. Alongside this we will be exploring carnival food and linking it to the Rio Olympics.

In Science we will be exploring and investigating the conditions needed to grow plants successfully. We will observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants.




We begin Summer Term 1 with two weeks focused on Dragons along with the rest of the school. We will be engaging in some very exciting activities, such as making Dragons and finding out about castles within dragon stories. We will be writing narratives using our knowledge of description and narrative features.Afterwards, we will be embarking on our History topic – The Great Fire of London and we will be answering the big question ‘Was the fire a good thing?’. We will be looking at historical sources such as paintings and diary entries, and using drama techniques to put ourselves in the shoes of the people at the time.





Year 2 gallery

Year 2 children enjoy a 3rd class buffet.

Year 2 children enjoy a 3rd class buffet.