Stingray Newsletter


This half term we will continue our WW1 project for two weeks and then explore and learn about countries in Europe and the UK.


We will be focussing on multiplication, division and fractions. We will also carry on working hard on our times table.


This term we will look at newspaper writing, the children will write from the perspective of journalists.


Stingray class have PE on Wednesday and Thursday.  Please make sure your child brings PE kit on these days.  Thank you!

Water bottles

Please send your child in with a named water bottle to keep in the classroom.  It is important for them to keep hydrated and it can get hot in our classroom in this weather!  Remind them to bring the bottles home and wash them out at home regularly please.  Thank you.


Your child will be given spellings to learn each week and a short piece of writing to do.  They will also get some maths to practise at home.  We will give out homework on a Friday and collect it back in on a Wednesday.  If you would like any support with this please come and have a chat. Please make sure you read with your child at least 3 times each week as this is part of homework too.


Mr Hoque


(Reminder – Year 4 no longer receive fruit during break time, if your child would like fruit during this time, please pack some for break time.)


Reminder – if your child is eating their own packed lunch they have filling and nutritious lunch. Please be aware that during break time your child is only allowed fruit and no sugary items; there is an expectation that your child will have a balanced lunch.




Harvest Festival

As a school we all took part in a whole school performance for the parents for Harvest Festival. We had the pleasure of performing the song Autumn Leaves to the whole school. If you missed the performance, please have a look at the video by clicking on the link.




Message from beyond the grave!

We have been writing journals in English and today we received a letter from King George. It read…


Dear brave citizen,


At this grave moment in the struggle between my people and a highly organised enemy, who has transgressed the laws of nations and changed the ordinance that binds civilized Europe together, I appeal to you.

I rejoice in my Empire’s effort, and I feel pride in the voluntary response from my subjects all over the world who have sacrificed home, fortune, and life itself, in order that another may not inherit the free Empire winch their ancestors and mine have built.

I ask you to make good these sacrifices.

The end is not in sight. More men and yet more are wanted to keep my armies in the field, and through them to secure victory and enduring peace.

In ancient days the darkest moment has ever produced in men of our race the sternest resolve.

I ask you, men of all classes, to come forward voluntarily, and take your share in the fight. In freely responding to my appeal you will be giving your support to our brothers who, for long months, have nobly upheld Britain’s past traditions and the glory of her arms.


His Royal Majesty,


King George V


We have written in our journals about how we feel about going to war.




Welcome to Year 4 2017-18

The children have returned to familiar surroundings and have immediately settled into good routines for learning.

Mr Hoque is the teacher leading Year 4.

The class is called Stingrays.

The class is also supported by Miss Louro, Miss Hambright and Miss Lynch.

CLICK HERE for Year 4 Curriculum Map 17-18




Science Days

We had lots of science fun on our science days.

We visited the Sealife centre to learn about living things. We also did lots of experiments and learnt lots!




Stingray Class Newsletter, Summer Term

This is what we are learning this term

Newsletter Summer




Origami Club!


We really enjoyed our first Origami Club!

We made Chinese fans and hats 🙂 we look forward to next week!




Stingray Class Newsletter


Welcome back!

This is our topic letter for this term.