Good morning everyone. Can you believe that it is a new month already? It is the 1st of May today!

I hope you are all being super stars for your Mummy’s and Daddy’s? A good thing about being at home is that you can have lots of cuddles with your family šŸ™‚

I have found a new website for you to explore today. It has got lots of eBooks for you to share with your grown ups. I would like you to choose at least one to read, talk about and predict what you think might happen.



I would also like you to practice writing today. I know that you have all got amazing imaginations so I would like you to write a short story. I have written the beginning to get you started. The story is about a little boy called Sam and his Mummy. They are going to have an adventure. I need you to write some sentences to finish the story. You will need to write where Sam and his Mummy went, how they got there (think about transport that travel on land), what Mummy and Sam did and whether they had a good time.

Sam jumped out of bed. He was very excited. Today was the day that he and his Mum were going…….

Remember to say out loud the sentence you want to write, sound out the words, write on the lines and use finger spaces and full stops. I can’t wait to read your stories šŸ™‚


Daily challenge 1.5.20 – Can you catch a coin from your elbow? Hold your arm up, palm facing upwards. Balance a coin on your elbow. Drop your arm down and try to catch the coin in your hand.


I will post again on Monday. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Remember to stay at home and stay safe šŸ™‚

Miss Holland