Good morning.

I hope the work from your leaning packs is going well? Remember to choose one activity from the reading, writing and maths to work on each day.


Thinking about our work on farm animals I would like you to continue to be creative today. I would like you to have a go at making a farm animal mask. It would be brilliant if you could come up with your own design. If you find this a bit tricky you might want to look on the internet for some ideas – I have put a few below. Or if you have a printer at home you could always find and print out a template to use.

See the source image          See the source image

Daily challenge 11.6.20 –  Go on a counting hunt!! How many doors are in your home? (this could include wardrobe doors too) How many windows are in your home? How many spoons have you got? How many bottles of shampoo/shower gel etc are in your bathroom? How many tins of food are in your cupboards?