Hello šŸ™‚ It looks like the sun is shining on us today!

Some of you have been working on doubling and halving numbers. There are some really good online games that support this learning. I would like you to have a go at a game called ‘Hit the button’ – I have put the address below:



If you do not have the doubling and halving target in your learning pack it is fine if you would like to try the game above. However, the game I would like you to play is called ‘Helicopter rescue’. It is all about recognising numbers and ordering them – I have put the address below:



As you know this week we are going to be thinking about transport that travels in the air. Some of you might have had a chance to go on an aeroplane before. When I was your age I had never been on an aeroplane and can remember wondering what it would be like. I would like you to watch a video about a family and their children’s first journey on a plane.

Daily challenge 12.5.20 – Can you touch your head with your foot? Ā  Can your family members do it?


Have a happy and safe day,

Miss Holland