Happy Monday!

Please make sure you have tested yourself on the spellings from last week (-sion suffix and ‘sh’ sound spelt ch).

Here are your spellings for this week:

‘s’ sound spelt sc

  1. Science
  2. scene
  3. discipline
  4. fascinate
  5. crescent
  6. scissors

Common Exception Words

  1. build
  2. February

Notice that Science and February both need to start with a capital letter as they are proper nouns (names).

Put each of the words into sentences, your challenge this week is to use inverted commas for speech. Remember, when using inverted commas you can’t just put the whole sentence inside them, you need to state who said it and how (said is in jail). For example, “Science is my favourite lesson!” exclaimed the boy.

Try to think of other words using the rule.

Remember, the best way to learn a new spelling is to practise regularly, like we do in class, try to practise everyday.

Take a look at these questions about pictograms: Interpret pictograms Challenge 1. Remember to check the key to see how much each picture is worth (it’s not just 1). Answers tomorrow.