In your pack, you will find a sheet with a photo on and some sentence starters of “I can see…” “I can hear…” underneath. Imagine you are at the setting. Create a detailed description using the sentence starters to help you. You may also want to think about your other senses to expand your description even more. Remember to write in full sentences and use lots of expanded noun phrases. “I can see a slide” is not a good description. “I can see a yellow and blue slide that twists and turns leading into a large swimming pool” is a much better description. One way to see if your description is effective is to have somebody else try to draw what you are describing from just your description, without looking at the photo. You might have forgotten to describe something important!

Yesterday, you did the adding and subtracting ones from a number worksheet. Today, I would like you to complete the ‘Adding tens to a 3 digit number’ and ‘Subtracting tens from a 3 digit number’ worksheet (it is double sided again). Like yesterday, you don’t have to complete all the questions. Do a mixture of addition and subtraction to complete at least 20 questions altogether. Also, have a go at the challenges. Remember the ones column will not change at all, the tens column will and the hundreds column might.

Answers for the week on Friday.

Remember to fill in your Nutrition Diary showing what you have been eating.