Previously, we started learning about the Ancient Sumer. Your work this week will be all about the Ancient Sumer. They were inventors and were very clever.


Re-watch the video. Use this to create a comparison table between then and now. Think of things that have changed and stayed the same. Think in particular about cities.


Being able to use different units of measure is a key skill. I know I have needed to when cooking especially. You also need to be able to add and subtract different units of measure. It is important to be able to change between them too. We will be practising these skills this week.

First, we will look at capacity/volume. This is used when measuring liquid. We measure in L (Litres) and ml (Millilitres). There is 1000ml in 1L, so to change L into ml you need to multiply by 1000. So 5L becomes 5000ml, 2.3L becomes 2300ml, 36L would be 36000ml. Once you have the measures the same type you can simply add or subtract them using column method; remember to line up the columns correctly, the ones column should never be empty!

Try these: To Calculate With Capacity. Answers tomorrow.