You previously looked at the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. The Ancient Sumer also believed in Gods and Goddesses but different to the Ancient Egyptians.

Ancient Sumer Gods and Goddesses

Read the information, use what you learn to write an information text about at least three of the Gods. Compare the Gods with those of Ancient Egypt. Did they have any Gods that were the same or similar? Did they have Gods for the same things or different? For example, the Ancient Egyptians had a sun god, Did the Ancient Sumer too?

t2-h-029-egyptian-gods-powerpoint_ver_6 Here is the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses information if you need to remind yourself.


Today, you will be calculating with length. We measure length in mm, cm or m.

1m = 100cm

1cm = 10mm

It can sometimes get a bit more confusing when calculating with length due to the three units of measure rather than two but it just means you need to concentrate a bit more.

To change m into cm, you multiply by 100. So 3m is 300cm, 5.5m is 550cm and 12m is 1200cm.

To change cm into mm, you multiply by 10. So 6cm is 60mm, 2.4cm is 24mm and 36cm is 360mm.

Once again, once the units of measure are the same you can use column method to add and subtract.

To Calculate With Length

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