A new week means a new topic – Real Bears.

Good morning Nursery,

We hope you have all had a lovely weekend relaxing with your families. 🙂

As the title states we are starting a new topic this week; Real Bears! During the week you will be learning about Polar Bears, Pandas and Brown Bears.


Please watch the link I have added below;

All About Polar Bears for Kids: Polar Bears for Children – FreeSchool

Challenge – Who listened to the video?… Can you answer these questions?…

How many legs does a Polar Bear have?

What colour is the Polar Bears skin underneath it’s fur?

Does a Polar Bear like to live in a hot or cold country?

What can a Polar Bear do with it’s paws to help them walk across the ice?


In your ‘Learning Packs’ you will find a worksheet ‘Number Tracing’. I would like you to practice forming your numbers and holding your pencils correctly. There is a ‘Pencil Grip’ sheet in your packs too which will show your grown-up the way you should be holding your pencils. 🙂

Challenge – Once you have had a go at tracing the numbers, I would like you to try forming the numbers 1-3,  1-5 or 1-10 independently. Grown-ups please use your own initiative as to whether your child forms numbers 1-3, 1-5 or 1-10.


In your ‘Learning Packs’ you will find a worksheet ‘Worm Pencil Control’. I would like you to trace along the dotted lines as carefully and neatly as you can. This will help to develop your pencil control ready for forming your letters in your name and other words, as well as your numbers, shapes and lots more lovely things.


Can you find a small bowl, a food bag, ice tray or ice bag and make some ice for tomorrow?… Polar Bears live in the Arctic so I thought it would be fun if you made your own ice to explore like a Polar Bear does. 🙂 I will ask you some questions about the ice tomorrow for you to discuss with your families.

Challenge – How do you make ice? Can you find out and email me your findings, please. 🙂


Can you ask your grown-ups to set a one minute timer for you to jog on the spot, you can either do this indoors or outdoors. I would like you to do this three times, first; slowly, next; a little quicker and finally; really fast.

Challenge – See how you feel after each jog and what happens to your breathing and heart rate.  Why do you think this has happened?

Any work or challenges you complete we would love to see and read them! Please send all your hard work to the office; office@stgeorgesprimary.norfolk.sch.uk. Mrs Belletty or Miss Jordan will then forward you work onto Miss Thrower. 🙂

Keep up with all your hard work everyone – you’re all superstar’s and remember, it’s OK to make a mistake because we learn from them!

Stay safe

Miss Thrower & The Nursery Team