Welcome back after half term

This half term we will be looking at these topics.

Halloween & Bonfire Night.

The children will be learning about the routines and English rituals of Halloween and Bonfire Night. We will be learning a range of songs , rhymes and experiences within these events. We will continue to place a large emphasise on Numeracy within this topic and creative arts & crafts.


We continue learning about typical celebrations as we explore birthdays. Within this topic we will be backing , decorating and continue to practice writing and mark-making. We will also place focus on counting beyond 10-20 during this topic.


We begin to learn about food and where it comes from , exploring farming ,shops and home-cooking. During this topic , we explore personal preferences , likes and dislikes of ourselves and others. We learn about English food traditions and typical celebration food customs.


The children will be learning about Christmas and traditional Christian traditions. We will be learning about the Nativity as a role-play this story in the classroom. the children will be taking part in our Christmas whole school production of Bethlehem the Musical. The Children will be learning the songs from the show with reception and perform at the term.

Children will be dressing up as sheep for the production. If possible, the children will need a plain white t-shirt and black leggings for their role. They will be making their own sheep headdress within school.




Things to remember!

  • Children need to be left at the door of Nursery classroom, starting now, to encourage independence!
  • All children need to have PE kit for Tuesday & Wednesday mornings – no earrings -bags and clothes need to be named .
  • All children should be wearing a red school jumper/uniform and book bag when they attend nursery, this encourage unity within the school ready for Reception.
  • Children are now learning to read their names and write the first letter of their name- If possible , please encourage this at home!

Thank you,




24th April 2019 Growing Nursery

This Half term we have been growing various types of plants.

Here are some of the things we have been growing.


sunflowers                                 strawberries                cress



Tomato                                          sweet peas

We read Oliver’s Vegetables  and Oliver’s fruit salad. We enjoyed making and tasting Vegetable soup Fruit salad.



 Here is a graph of our favourite fruits.

The children have been very interested in snails in the garden. We have learnt lots of fascinating  facts.






Super Heroes Nursey 2019

For the past 2 weeks nursery have been superheroes. We made our own costumes, capes and masks and we learnt what we need to be a good superhero.


we read the story super potato and made our own.

The Evil peas took over classroom and stole our superhero toys.

We had to defeat them by using our extra strong muscles and completing the assault course mission.

                                                                                                                 The mission was accomplished and we saved our toys.


       Hooray ! 

We tasted peas and learnt that they are good for us and make us big and strong.





St Georges Book Day. Nursery 2019

We were joined  in Nursery today by some book characters for book day. We had little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks , Cinderella , Pirates , Stickman and Rapunzel to name a few.


You can read anywhere!







Pancake day. Nursery 2019

         We had a Flipping time!




Gingerbread Man Nursery 2019

We have read the fairy-tale The Gingerbread man. We painted our own Gingerbread men and counted the buttons. We made Gingerbread men then ate them, we made a chart of which part we ate first most of us bit the head first.

We did lots of counting and recognising numbers.