f-r-i-d-ay – Friday!

Good morning everybody!

It is Friday! Well done on completing another week of zoom school and website learning, you are all doing such an amazing job. I really am extremely proud to be your Lead adult, getting to watch you all learning and trying your very best each day, this helps to make mine and Mrs Pollard’s day a little brighter each day, so thank you again!


I would like you to compare the difference in softness between your bear and your grown-ups bear. Does their bear feel softer or harder compared to your bear? What filling do you think your grown-up’s bear has been stuffed with? I wondered whether it’s the same filling as what they use in bears today or not? I would also like you to find out how long your grown-up has had their bear for. See if you can count up to this number.


In your red textbooks, I would like you to practise forming the letters of your name. You can either practise forming the initial sound of your name and then trace around the rest of the sounds or have a go at forming them all independently. Adults, I will let you decide whether your children needs to practise forming the initial sound or having again at forming all of them.


Remember to keep sharing those stories with your family and talking about whats happening on each page, what you think might happen next and predicting what might happen at the end.


Ask your grown-ups if they can hide some of bears around your home and in your garden, linking this in with positioning language. You can then go on a Bear hunt around your home and garden but I would like you to use big strides (steps), hopping on one leg, balancing on one leg, skipping and jumping whilst you go on a Bear hunt to look for all your bears. I would like you to use our positional language words to describe where your grown-ups have hidden each bear too; behind, next to, on-top, in, under, in-front.

Next week is Children’s Mental Health week so we will be talking a little bit about this at some points during certain lessons. Grown-ups, please don’t be concerned as this will be delivered in an age appropriate way for the children, for example; The song –¬† If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. Reading stories of emotions, us talking about how we may look when we’re; happy, sad, angry, scared and so forth. The idea is to help children of all ages to understand and know that it’s ok not to be ok and it’s ok to talk about it and that we are here for them to talk to and this goes to all of you too. This pandemic has been challenging for us all and has certainly caused emotions in us to come to the service that you may have not been expecting. So please know that we are here for you all too and we do really appreciate all your time, effort and support you are giving to your children at this moment in time.

As always a new week brings a new theme in our topic. Next week the character we will be learning about will Paddington Bear. Mrs Pollard and I will be working from school next week so it will just be myself on the screen and Mrs Pollard safeguarding from within the classroom.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and thank you once again for all your hard work and efforts this week.

Stay safe,

Team Nursery