Good morning Nursery!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities and had a lovely walk outside in the sunshine 🙂 Start the day by counting forwards and backwards from 0-20. Count your fingers, toes, shoes, anything! Just. keep counting!


  1. Today we are moving on to forming and reading the ‘t’ Read, Write, INC. lower case letter practice. Start by recapping the sounds we have already learnt! Then show your child the ‘t’ and read it with them a few times. Once you’ve done this show them the formation of the ‘t’ saying the rhyme ‘down the tower and across the tower’. Do this a few times until they are confident with the formation and reading of the letter. Finally, encourage your child to write the letter independently or with support. Keep trying!


Down the tower, across the tower.



2. The next activity you will need scissors and card/paper. Cut out a variation of different shapes and lay them on and around the floor inside or outside. Shout out different shape names and encourage your child to jump onto the shape or find the shape and bring it to you. Bonus points for counting the sides and colour of the shape!



3. Here are some great counting songs to sing with your child on Youtube –



Here is another fantastic story 🙂



Speak tomorrow everyone 🙂