Happy Friday everyone!

Hello Nursery – I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities – See if you can recall any of the emotions you explored yesterday. What do you feel today? Happy? Sad? Excited?


  1. Today’s first activity is a rhyming activity – Read the words aloud with your child and try and think of different words that rhyme with a specific word. This may be challenging for your child but it is an essential skill for literacy! Have a go 🙂


2. The next activity is a drama activity – Your child will gain many skills exploring this activity 🙂


Let’s Pretend

Let’s Pretend provides an opportunity for kids to explore their five senses. You can use all the selections below or pick and choose a few for the time you have available. Ask the children to relax and close their eyes and imagine how each would feel, taste, sound, etc. Then have them open their eyes and pretend to:

  • See
    A car about to hit you
    A teeny, tiny bug crawling up your arm
    A snake
  • Smell
    Freshly baked cookies
    A flower
  • Taste
    Chocolate or ice cream
  • Hear
    Water running
    Fire alarm
    Soft animal fur
    A sharp needle


3. The next activity is a building activity that explores early notions of gravity, height and distance. Find a selection of toilet rolls, kitchen roll roll or wooden slats. Allow your child to play and explore using balls, cars or anything – Ask your child why they think things happen throughout play 🙂



4. Here is another great story to share with your child 🙂



Have a lovely weekend everyone! Speak on Monday 🙂