Hello everyone!

Hi Nursery, today is Thursday the fourth day of the week – Can you try and work out what day it might be tomorrow. Start with Monday and stop when you hear the correct day! Challenge question – what day was it yesterday? I will be very proud if you can try and work it out 🙂

  1. Maths challenge – Can you see if you can work out what number is hidden underneath Mr. Smiley. Start counting from number 1 and work upwards to the number in question. This is quite tricky but keep trying and do this with the help of your grown up! Click on the PDF links below to find your challenges 🙂




2. For next activity you will need a large piece of paper and a felt tip. I want you to draw around your own feet (bare) and hands and then your grown ups feet and hands. Compare your hands and feet and see who has bigger hands and bigger feet! You could then measure the length of your hands and feet using a ruler. See who has the bigger measurement! You could even write the numbers on your fingers and toes. Your adult may need to help with this activity – but this is excellent for helping your child to understand the initial stage of length and width. Click on the PDF below to see my example 🙂




3. Follow this link to find lots of recipes / baking ideas to do with your child! Baking is excellent for developing a mathematical understanding of weight, quantities and measurements. It is also great fun 🙂



4. Here is a good activity on CBEEBIES copy and paste this link into your search bar to begin – It is a drawing activity – This will really improve your child’s fine motor skills and understanding of technology. There are more useful activities on CBEEBIES to try!



5. Finally, here is a another fabulous story I recommend to read your child if you haven’t already 🙂



It would be great to see some of your work / pictures! Please let me know how you are all getting on! 🙂