Hello Tuesday!

  1. Start the morning with counting from 1-20 together. Try counting all your fingers and all your toes. Challenge: Try and count backwards from 10-0. Get moving by jumping, clapping, squatting whilst counting how many jumps, claps and squats you can together! Challenge your child to do this activity for different specific numbers.

Now it is time to play a counting game:

On A4 paper write different numbers from 1-10 or higher depending on your child. Scatter the number cards on the floor or garden. Ask your child to run, hop, or jump to the number that you have called. See if your child can recognise the correct number, if not help them to understand which number that you have asked for by writing it for them or showing them the correct card. Good luck!

2. If you have some ear swaps and paint – Draw numbers 1-10 onto card/paper and teach your child to trace over the numbers that you have written. Encourage them to hold the ear swap like a pen/pencil using the correct grip (Tripod grip). Teach them the formation of the numbers and where to begin. Your child may prefer to do this with their fingers or even felt tips! It might be an idea to keep what they produce, stick in their rooms so they can begin to recall/remember what each number looks like.

3. Here is another good storybook to read with your child connecting to our new theme – The Seaside. This book has a lot of interesting points of discussion to have with your child. Please re-read the story with your child. Repetition of stores is very beneficial for children of this age. It teaches them new vocabulary and gives them time to process the new concepts within the book!

See you tomorrow!