The biggest of THANK-YOU’S!!

I don’t know where to start really and if I’m honest, I find myself becoming quite emotional as I type this message to you all.

As the heading reads ‘The biggest of thank-you’s to you all!’  We are beyond proud of how well the children have adapted to these past few weeks of their Nursery lives and that of course wouldn’t have happened without the love, support, encouragement and dedication from  yourselves. So again THANK-YOU, as without you we would not have been able to make zoom school happen!

Please believe when I say this, I know zoom school has brought many of you to tears and of course some of the children too. But as a team we’ve all come back fighting together and that’s because here at St George’s that’s what we do, we work as a team and together we can get through almost anything.

As we have said many times during our zoom lessons ‘It’s okay to make mistakes as we learn from them’ and us as adults, need to show the children that even we do too, from time to time. Children need to see this modeled to them and we have seen you all model mine and Mrs Pollard’s teaching styles and we’ve noticed you doing this with your child whilst observing you during our zoom lessons. The support you’ve given to your children has helped them to continue their learning journey these past 6 weeks and one thing we know is, when it is safe for us to return to Nursery your children will be ready to continue their learning inside the classroom.

Children you know what I think of each and everyone of you. You know I think you are all super star learners and you’ve all worked extremely hard during this unprecedented time. Myself and Mrs Pollard, have enjoyed seeing your smiley faces on zoom school each day and hearing your happy voices. Both of us are proud to be your teaching adults in Nursery.

I’ve also enjoyed seeing and hearing how much more confident some of our friends have become too! Another proud moment for me was; Wednesday 3rd February when you all formed the ‘a’ sound so beautifully and I could see how many of you had already been practicing forming our new sound already. I really could have burst with pride that day and if you can remember I took the laptop into the classroom to show Mrs Pollard, as I didn’t want her to miss seeing how well you had formed the ‘a’ sound.

Thank you for allowing Mrs Pollard and I to see all your lovely teddy bears and learn about them all too and for all your continued work behind the scenes from the website too. Here’s a few pictures from various emails I have received over the past few weeks…




Well done everybody and thank-you again to your lovely families whom have helped with you learning journey too!

Now grown-ups, close the laptop and enjoy a well earned 9 day break!

Have a fantastic half term everybody.

Stay safe,

Miss Thrower & Mrs Pollard