Thursday 16th April

Morning Lions.

I hope you are all staying home and following the rules.

If you are bored you might like to try today’s challenge.


Can you name the sweets?

1.wobbly newborns

2. clever people

3. talk quietly

4. game played on horseback

5. summer meal, eaten outside sitting on the grass

6. famous English flowers

7. two storey bus

8. spin around

9. fasteners

10. crisp to bite

11. chocolate bar for lorry drivers

12. chocolate pyramid

13. capital of Majorca, in purple

14. people from Valletta

15. the Milky Way is one

16. name for singers in Robin Hood’s day

17. kernel with riding aid

18. small wave

19. birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries

20. subject or theme

21. king of the jungle in pub

22. dairy product from Glasgow

23. increase or improve

24. top grade of road

25. lots of varieties in black substance


answers on Monday


Miss P x