Good morning,

It’s World Book Day today so remember to either dress as a Superhero or your favourite book character. Here is a link for you to access for resources for Wold Book Day;

Today share books, tell stories, role play your favourite stories, use your imagination and create your own family ‘Lockdown’ story.

Have fun today everyone!

The work below will be for you to complete over today and tomorrow. There will be additional information added to the website tomorrow, so please do check.


In the story Handa collects fruit in a basket and carries it on her head. We would like you to create your own basket of fruit. You can watch the story back to help refresh your memory as to what fruit Handa collects in her basket. I wonder how many pieces of fruit you will draw to add inside your basket?

Hand knitted Handa's Surprise Toy Fruit Set with Basket & | Etsy | Handas surprise, Childrens crafts, Babies room childcare ideas


In your red text books, we would like you to have a try at forming some of the letters for each of the words below;





If you would to have a try at forming some of the other letters for the other words within the story, please write those in your books too. 🙂


This maths activity will be over today and tomorrow (Friday). We would like you to select some fruit which your grown-ups won’t mind your freezing and using for a floating and sinking activity. For today’s part of the activity, we would like you to freeze some of the fruit, leaving some of it whole and some of it cut in half. Discuss with your families what two halves look like and what they make when you put them together. We will put on tomorrow what we would like you to do with the frozen fruit.


Can you use a bowl, container or basket and balance it on your head with some fruit in it like Handa? How many pieces of fruit can balance on your head? How far can you walk whilst balancing the bowl, container or basket on your head?

Enjoy your day everyone!

See you at zoom school,

Miss Thrower & Mrs Pollard