Tuesday’s Message from Mrs Fearns

Good afternoon everyone! I hope that you all keeping safe and well.

FREE SCHOOL MEALS NEWS – the Government are organising supermarket vouchers for the children entitled to free school meals. You have to be registered and approved on the Government website to get them. Many of you who have lost your jobs in this crisis may now be entitled to get free school meals. Go to the website to apply:


We will be in touch with anyone registered with the Government when we know how to operate the system. The voucher scheme will not operate over the Easter Holidays but we hope to be getting vouchers out to families during the week that starts Monday 20th April. If you are entitled to Free School Meals please send your email address if you have one together with your family name to office@stgeorgesprimary.norfolk.sch.uk.



I will be sharing some strategies to help parents cope with home schooling over the coming weeks.

It is really important that you put routines in place so that the days are structured for both the children and adults alike. Children like structure and boundaries and life will be easier for you all if you do that.

I suggest you draw up a timetable if you haven’t already done one and follow it with clear times to do certain things. I would suggest something like this…..

8-8.30 Washed and dressed. Cleaning teeth and brushing hair. The children could put their uniform on for school days so that they know that time is different to other time.

8.30-9 Breakfast.

9-9.30  Join in the Joe Wickes  You Tube daily workout.

9.30-10.30  Get work from the school website on your child’s class pages.

10.30-11    Children can go off to play in their rooms or in the yard or garden. With a snack.

11-12        Write or tell a story or a report or a diary etc.

12-12.15     Reading to an adult

12.15 – 1.15  Lunch and a break in their room/garden.

1.15-2.15    Get work from the school website on your child’s class pages.

2.15      Take their uniform off and school has finished.

The day then has structure, the children feel there is a difference to the different parts of the day and know when it is free time to play and when it is school time and you have successfully made it through another lock down day. This might sound a bit mad, but give it a go, it might be just what you need if you are struggling with the children at home.

Mrs Fearns

Head Teacher