w-e-d-n-e-s-d-ay -Wednesday!

Welcome to midweek Wednesday everybody!


Can you tell you bear a story about the time you played in the snow. Can you describe to you teddy bear how the snow felt, how it made you feel, whether you think you’re teddy bear would like the snow, what your favourite part about the snow is.

Fine Motor Skills

If you still have some pencil control sheets left in your home learning packs, we would like you to use these for scissor control today. If you haven’t not to worry, ask your grown-up’s to draw some patterns on some paper for you to follow and cut around. This will help you to build upon your hand eye co-ordination and scissor control.


Can you create you own teddy bear maths game like this one. You will need a dice, pasta or pennies to cover the correct number with once you’ve counted the dots on the dice to see what number it amounts to. I f you don’t have a dice ask you family to hide their fingers behind their backs and then show the amount they would like you to find. You can play this game with your families and it’s a good turn taking exercise too as well as counting and recognition.

preschool bear theme


Can you walk the length of one of the rooms in your home whilst balancing your teddy on your head?

Have a lovely day.

We look forward to seeing your lovely smiles at zoom school.

Miss Thrower & Mrs Pollard