Yay, it’s Wednesday!

Good morning to all our lovely Nursery children,

Who saw themselves on BBC Look East last night? I made sure I watched the local news with my family and I must say I felt very proud to see our school on the local news. I would like to say once again – A very BIG well done to each and everyone of you and your families for working really hard at home and joining ‘Zoom school’ each day. Once again, thank you. The Nursery team and I really do appreciate all your efforts.

For our topic today I would like you to create a map to go on a bear hunt around your home with. I have attached an example of a map for you to see. 🙂

I would like you to talk to your family and share your ideas as you create your map of ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’. You may find retelling the story will be helpful as this will help you recall key events in the story which will be needed to create your map.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Map & Binoculars (with FREE Printable) - Buggy and Buddy

Fine Motor Skills

Using lego, bricks or duplo, I would like you to build a cave. Once you have built your cave you can then use this for positional language and place your teddy bear; next to, in, behind, on, under, in front of the cave.


Did you make a cave or a den yesterday? If so, today I would like you to make some bear prints to leave around your cave. Who in your house has the BIGGEST feet you could draw around to create your bear paws, or maybe you might sprinkle some flour for them to walk in and leave bear paws. How many ‘bear paws’ can you see?


Today I would like you to be jumping beans and I would like you to count how many jumping beans you can do in 30 seconds. See how many your family can do in that time too. Who did more?

Have a lovely day and we will see you at ‘Zoom school’.

Miss Thrower & Mrs Pollard