Hi Kangaroos

Today is St. George’s day and seeing as our school is named after the famous saint, I thought it would be nice to learn a bit about him!

Joke of the day: Why do dragons sleep during the day? Because they like to fight knights!

 Spelling: I have set you a game on EdShed using spellings with silent letters.

Writing: Watch the story of St. George and the dragon. Can you rewrite the story with your own words in your home learning book?



Art: Try drawing your very own dragon.

How to Draw all KINDS of Dragons · Art Projects for Kids

Maths: I have a little St. George’s quiz for you:

  1. There were 10 dragons. Two fly away. How many dragons were left?
  2. George had 20 swords. He found 13 more. How many swords did he have altogether?
  3. 50 red roses grew in a field. Another 10 grew. How many red roses were there in the field?
  4. St. George had 31 horses. 3 of them ran away. How many horses was St George left with?
  5. George buys a drink for 30p. How much change would he get from £1?
  6. The princess had 9 maids to help her get ready. Can you write the number 9 in words?
  7. Each knight had two suits of armour. How many suits of armour would five knights have altogether?
  8. George saved one princess every day. How many princesses did he save in two weeks?

I have also set you an addition game on Edshed.

There are lots of fun home learning activities for year 2 on the BBC Bitesize website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/z7s22sg/year-2-lessons/1

Or if you’re in the dancing mood, why not try learning the dance to the Trolls song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCeo6Q3p7Mc

I hope you all keeping safe! Missing you all,

Miss Gislam