Year 6

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Miss Rhodes

Class Teacher

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Mr Wilson

Trainee Teacher

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Miss Meadows

Learning Support Assistant

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Welcome back.  This year we will be supported by Miss Meadows (Monday-Thursday) and Mr Wilson who has begun teacher training.

The concept we will be learning the curriculum through this year is ‘Aesthetics’.  Our aims are:

  • To consider perspectives other than our own
  • To understand the impact society has on us
  • To make well-balanced comparisons
  • To collaborate

This will include subject specific enquires across the curriculum:

  • What role does aesthetics play in Science?
  • What impact do aesthetics have on our sense of self (PSHE)?
  • How is Maths reflected in nature to improve aesthetics?
  • Are the aesthetics of music defined by the composition or our reaction to it?
  • How has our sense of aesthetics developed over time?
  • To what extent does society influence our sense of aesthetics?
  • Is human impact on the planet more or less aesthetically pleasing than nature’s?
  • What is more important: aesthetics or style (Art)?
  • What is more important: function or aesthetics in the design process?
  • Is the development of more aesthetically pleasing technology positive or negative?
  • Can AI create work more aesthetically pleasing than humans?
  • How can aesthetics be portrayed in text?
  • How does religious aesthetics support our understanding of Theology?
  • What do sacred texts say about ‘goodness’ and ‘perfection’?

Our PE days are still Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please ensure your child has the correct labelled clothing in school on these days.

The children are still expected to read every night.  This is so important as this helps their reading, writing and understanding of the world.  Spellings will be set on a Monday to be tested the following Monday.

I look forward to continuing to work with you and your children.  If you have any questions, please see me at the beginning of the school day or after school on a Monday or Tuesday.

Thank you,

Miss Rhodes


Aesthetic Art

November 2023

After looking at how artists use the principals of symmetry, simple uncluttered images and rule of thirds, we created our own compositions.

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Img 0472

Img 0506

Img 1089

Everyday Maths

October 2023

We used everyday objects to apply our maths skills to.  How much change would I get from £200 if I bought these products?

Img 1577

Harvest Festival

October 2023

We recited a poem about harvest we had learnt as a class.

Img 1575


DT experimenting

October 2023

We worked collaboratively to create a marble run before we will move on to design and create our own.

Img 1566

Img 1569

Img 1571

Img 1572

Dinosaur Park

September 2023

We really enjoyed joining in with different activities and building relationships with each other.

IMG 1511

IMG 1512

IMG 1514

IMG 1515

IMG 1518

IMG 1519

IMG 1520

IMG 1521

IMG 1522

IMG 1524


September 2023

We worked in given groups to construct the tallest tower to hold a tennis ball using anything we could find.  Our focus was on collaboration when working with new people.

Img 1462

Img 1466

Img 1478

Img 1481

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Farm Trip

June 2023

With help from the Country Trust, we visited Hall farm where we learnt about the importance of farming for crops, animals, producing food and caring for the environment.  We did different activities including:

Grinding wheat to make flour

Making feed for chickens

Examining the soil and the animals who live in it

IMG 1392

IMG 1373

IMG 1378

IMG 1379

IMG 1380

IMG 1382

IMG 1387

IMG 1388

Final Orchestra performance

June 2023

We visited the BBC Concert Orchestra for the final time where over 50 musicians came together to play music for us to enjoy.  We were able to join in with the song we had learnt.

IMG 1342

IMG 1334

IMG 1335

IMG 1336

Investigating air resistance

May 2023

We made parachutes to investigate our enquiry: 'How does surface area affect the time it takes a parachute to land?'

We identified the variables to ensure we had a fair test.  We found that the smaller the area of the parachute the faster it will fall as it has less air resistance.

IMG 1331

Forces experiment

May 2023

We worked in groups to construct a ramp that would make the car travel as far as possible.  We identified the forces in action and how we could use them to support us, eg reducing fraction on the wheels.

IMG 1321

IMG 1322

IMG 1323

IMG 1325

IMG 1327

Creative writing workshop

May 2023

We had a poet in school working with us to write a class poem.  We followed this up with an after school session where we had pupils from Nursery to Year 5 with their parents.

IMG 1314

IMG 1316

IMG 1317

IMG 1318

IMG 1319

Self Portraits

May 2023

We have created self portraits in different styles as we focus on respecting ourselves and how we look.

IMG 1308

IMG 1303 (2)

IMG 1304

IMG 1305

IMG 1306

IMG 1307

Second visit to the Orchestra

April 2023

We visited the BBC orchestra again and begun to learn a song we will sing at the final performance in June.

IMG 1302

IMG 1299

IMG 1300

Macbeth computing

March 2023


Meeting an Olympian!

March 2023

Today we met Sophie Mckinna an olympic shot putter from Gorleston who holds the women's British record and has represented our country at the Tokyo Olympics and many national and international athletic events.

She talked about the importance of self-regulation (our PE skill) in her training and performances.

IMG 1259

IMG 1260

IMG 1261

IMG 1262

Orchestra in School

March 2023

We were fortunate enough to have members of the BBC Concert Orchestra come and perform for us in school.  We joined in with singing and playing ukuleles.  We look forward to seeing them again soon.

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IMG 1247

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IMG 1254


Collaborative working

March 2023

Pupils learnt to negotiate resources and take turns to build the biggest tower they could.

IMG 1244

Creative writing Trip

March 2023

We visited the Time and Tide museum to work with a poet to create poems based on the displays and objects around the museum.

IMG 1232 IMG 1233
IMG 1234 IMG 1235
IMG 1236 IMG 1237


Science posters

We researched an object from space that interested us and presented the work as a poster to develop our computing skills.







Pastel work

We used chalk to create an image of the moon focussing on trying to show the textures on the surface.

IMG 1230 IMG 1228
IMG 1229 IMG 1230


Writing based on Macbeth

February 2023

After reading the first half of Macbeth, we wrote speeches as Banquo to Macbeth or Malcolm to persuade them to act on our concerns.

IMG 1223

IMG 1224

IMG 1226

Natural Art

February 2023

We made art using natural resources following our research on Andy Goldsworthy: 

IMG 1156 IMG 1173

IMG 1157 IMG 1164 IMG 1177