Hi Kangaroos

Joke of the day: Why couldn’t the pony sing a lullaby? She was a little horse!

 Spelling: Can you think of any other words that end in -ge?

Writing: I am recruiting explorers! I need your help to create an advertisement. Write the advertisement with the missing words using the vocabulary at the bottom of the page. It MUST make sense, otherwise no-one will apply. Thank you!

Tick or correct your answers from yesterdays Maths task:

Maths: Can you write the sentences with the missing facts?

The faces are the flat parts of the shape.

The edges are the lines where two faces meet.

The vertices are the points where two or more edges meet.

David Walliams (the author of Gangster Granny) has recorded himself reading some of his stories. You can listen to them here: worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses

Have fun learning at home!

Miss Gislam