Welcome to Meerkats 18-19

Meerkats is our nurture provision. It is led by our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Miss Holland and delivered by Miss George and Miss Thornton.

Up to 8 children access Meerkats Tuesday to Friday afternoons.

Where possible the children follow the Topic theme from their year group in the afternoon but with a nurture approach.

Children with social and emotional needs are supported in their learning and have specific targets to support them in being fully integrated into their own classrooms throughout the day.





NSPCC NetAware

Please visit this helpful website. It is designed to help parents understand websites that children use and what the risks are, it also provides reviews and offers advice on parental controls. Help us to keep your children safe online at all times.





Norman the Elf

Yellow Ted had a surprise when they came into the room today, someone had set up camp in our room. On further inspection the children found an elf, with a letter from Father Christmas telling us that the elf’s name was Norman and that he was going to stay with us for a while. Norman is a bit cheeky and often does naughty things if the children don’t keep an eye on him!




Welcome to the Worry Monster

This week we have had a new member to Yellow Ted and that is our furry friend the worry monster! He has come to join us to help the children with any worries they may be having, he likes to play with the children and listens to their worries. He is very friendly and cuddly so if you have any worries please come and visit him.