Friday 15th May

Happy Friday, Lions


Read, Write Inc

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Hope Jones Saves the World   by Josh Lacey.



Read the book from page 11 to page 24.

  • Hope is caring and kind. Do you agree? Explain your reason using evidence from the text. (Page 13).
  • What are your first impressions of Mr Crabbe? Do you like him? Explain why. What does his name suggest about him? Predict what role he might play in the story. (Page 19).
  • Why do you think the author repeats the word ‘plastic’ on page 21? What effect does it have?

You can find more information about the book and the author here:


Saving The World With Josh Lacey



Today you will be writing a persuasive rap.




Orange group

We are practising telling the time.


Mark your work.


Green, blue and purple groups.

Today we are calculating with time. It is week 4, Monday.



Lesson Presentation Higher and Lower

Have a good weekend, follow the rules and stay safe.

Miss P x