Good morning everyone!

Hello Nursery 🙂 Did you enjoy yesterday’s activities? I hope you had fun making the slime! Today, can you start the morning by talking about what season we are in. Is it winter? Is it spring? Is it summer? or is it autumn? What changes when the season changes? What do you notice about the weather today? Create a conversation with your child introducing new vocabulary and concepts 🙂


  1. This is a number activity – Start by talking about the numbers around you inside your home or outside on a walk –  Numbers are all around us, from calendars to the remote control, the telephone to car registration plates. Try pointing out numbers when you’re out and about – on front doors, signs, the front of buses and train platforms. Talking about numbers around you early and often will help your child to recognise numerals and show them that numbers are part of everyday life. You could even go on a number hunt!


2. The next activity is a building challenge – If you take some toys and play them to one side – then create a river using paper – Explain to your child that they need to construct a bridge for their toys to cross the river! You can use lego, bricks, toilet rolls, boxes, anything!





3. The next activity is a physical game to play with your child – This can be done in a spacious room or outside in the garden! You are going to perform animal races. Perform as the animals below with your child and have a race. Good luck! – Animal races: Hop like a bunny or frog; squat and waddle like a duck; and so on.



4. Here is another lovely story to share – It is a counting book!



Enjoy today’s activities – Speak tomorrow 🙂