Tuesday 5th May

Hello Lions,

I hope you are all ready for some more home learning.


Read, Write Inc

Continue to follow the online lessons. Click on the youtube lessons.


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We are continuing to read ‘Here Comes Trouble’.

Read chapter 2 and answer the questions.

  1. Did Trudy live near the school? How do you know?
  2. Why did mum tell her to stay outside Mrs Willow’s house?
  3. What should Trudy do at the end of chapter 2?
  4. Which word in the chapter means the same as ‘busy’?
  5. Find 3 adverbs in the text.

Answers from yesterday

  1. Why did Trudy dread Friday afternoons? Trudy dreaded Friday afternoons as they had art. It was a disaster as Trudy was clumsy.
  2. How do you think she felt, when Rob made comments? Own answer, explaining why you thought that.
  3. Find two synonyms for ‘said’. muttered, called, 
  4. Find an expanded noun phrase in chapter 1. wavy brown hair,  two large red circles,  beautiful green dragon,  droopy black moustache,  
  5. Who do you think was the most upset at the end of chapter 1? Explain why? Give your own answer and explain why.



Follow the online lesson


It can be found on BBC bitesize, Year 4, 1st May, English Reading lesson




Here are this week’s spellings

February     forwards     fruit       grammar     group

guard     guide     heard     heart      height

Make sure you have been tested on last week’s words.




Follow the lesson for Y3 4th May – Converting pounds and pence


When you have finished, mark your answers.


Green, blue, purple

Follow the lesson for Y4  4th May – multiplying



When you have finished, mark your work




We are going to find out about the Roman Gods and Goddesses. In the powerpoint, you will see some Greek Gods and Goddesses mentioned. Can you remember them, from our reading of The Iliad?

Roman Gods and Goddesses

Complete a factfile about the Gods, or make a poster showing some interesting information.





Bye for now,

Miss P x