Hi Year 2

Happy New Year to you and your families!

For the time being we will be doing our learning online. Try your best to do the activities below.

My friend is thinking of opening a cafe to sell yummy cakes to the people of Great Yarmouth. She wants to offer her customers some offers to entice more people to come to the cafe. As she is very busy cooking all of the cakes, I told her Year 2 would help her with the prices of her offers. Do you think you can help?

Here are the prices of the cakes if they are part of the offer:

Victoria sponge = 63p
Scone = 34 p
Cupcake = 56 p
Shortbread = 28 p
Biscuit = 15 p
Gingerbread = 49 p
Chocolate Oatie = 42 p

For these challenges, you will need to find the costs of the cakes and add them together to find the total price.

Challenge 1

Please work out your answer using the partitioning method we have learnt in school.

  1. Scone + Chocolate Oatie =
  2. Cupcake + Victoria Sponge =
  3. Biscuit + Scone =
  4. Chocolate Oatie + Victoria Sponge =
  5. Scone + Victoria sponge =
  6. Biscuit + Chocolate Oatie =

Challenge 2

Please work out your answer using the partitioning method we have learnt in school.

  1. Victoria Sponge + Shortbread =
  2. Gingerbread + Chocolate Oatie =
  3. Cupcake + Biscuit =
  4. Scone + Shortbread =
  5. Scone + Cupcake =
  6. Chocolate Oatie + Shortbread =

Challenge 3

Can you come up with 6 of your own offers using 3 different cakes each time.

E.g. Scone + Gingerbread + Biscuit =



Before the Christmas holiday, we were looking at Health during the Roman era. Today, we are looking at the contributions of Hippocrates, who was a doctor during the Roman era who played a significant part in how health was seen. Read below to find out about Hippocrates:


Can you down facts you have learnt about Hippocrates into sentences?

You could even find research your own interesting facts on Hippocrates using in the internet, but make sure you write ‘Hippocrates facts for kids’ when searching!



Can you draw a picture of Hippocrates that we are going to use when writing about Hippocrates? Make sure you use your pencil lightly to start with so any mistakes you make can’t be seen!

Hippocrates (c.-460 - c.-370) - Genealogy

Have fun!