Good morning everyone šŸ™‚ I hope you all had a nice half-term break and are happy and healthy.


You should all have received your second home learning pack by now. Again it contains lots of activities and games to help support your learning.Ā  If you haven’t done so already I would like you to look at your packs today and prepare the games for example, cut out the top trumps reading cards and position bingo cards.



Today is the first day of a new half term which means we have a new topic. From now up until the Summer holidays we will be working on ‘Animals’. What is your favourite animal? I would like you to have a go at drawing it and describing it. For example,


An elephant has a trunk. It can use its trunk to put food and water into its mouth. It also has big ears. They can flap their ears to help keep them cool. An elephant has four legs and a tail. It is a very big animal. An elephant has two strong tusks made of ivory.


Daily challenge 1.6.20 – Can you balance and build with playing cards?