Hello Tigers! Happy June!

I hope you all had a safe and relaxing half term. I have noticed that some of you have still been logging into EdShed regularly, well done if you are one of those people.

You should have received a pack of work in the post from me within the past week. I will be posting work based on this pack on here for you to do. I do NOT expect you to do it all at once, I know there is a lot there!

Hopefully, before half term, you tested yourself on the spellings from that week (s sound spelt sc and CEW), if you didn’t then please do before you start practising your new spellings:

Homophones or near homophones (these are words that sound the same or very similar but are spelt differently):

  1. accept
  2. except
  3. groan
  4. grown

Common Exception Words:

  1. notice
  2. straight
  3. busy
  4. forward

I strongly suggest that you use a dictionary (or the internet) to find a definition of each of the homophones especially before doing the rest of the spelling activity below. Put each of the words into sentences, your challenge this week is to include a fronted adverbial.

The first thing you will find in your pack of work is a Nutrition Diary. It explains the different types of nutrients found in our food and shows you some examples of where the nutrients can be found. All foods will have some form of nutrients in, it is important to have a balance of these nutrients to stay healthy. Over the week, you should use the nutrient diary to keep track of what you eat for each meal and this should help you to see which nutrients you most regularly get, hopefully you will have a good balance.

You will also find some Maths sheets in your pack. The first one I would like you to complete is Adding ones to a 3 digit number and Subtracting ones from a 3 digit number (the sheet is double sided). This might look like a lot of questions but you don’t have to complete every question, please do a mixture of both adding and subtracting to complete at least 20 questions altogether.


Remember to try and keep your pack in the order I sent it to you, it will make it easier for you to find the right sheet when I post work here as we move through the pack.