Before we had to learn from home, we discussed how seeds are spread so that more plants can grow. You have in your pack a sheet to sort how the seeds of different plants are dispersed (spread): Seed Dispersal Sorting. Think about the shape and weight of the seeds to help you decide and sort how they are dispersed.

Find the sheet titled Photo 3: Photo 3. Write a description of the photo, using the prompts on the sheet to help. I think it looks like a pretty magical place where lots of incredible creatures might live. Create a creature, draw them and write a description of them. Why do they live there?

Complete the double sided Maths sheet Adding Two 3-digit numbers and Subtracting Two 3-digit numbers. The sheet has already put the numbers into columns for you, remember sometimes numbers will need to be carried over to the next column or borrowed from the next column. Adding and Subtracting 3 Digit numbers