Bonjour! I hope you are all feeling happy today? šŸ™‚


Alongside your daily targets today I would like you to work on a little maths investigation. I would like you to find out what the distance of 2 metres looks like. You could measure 2 metres using a tape measure, marking a starting and finishing point. Find out how many steps you can fit into 2 metres. You could try giant steps or how many steps you can fit into 2 metres putting one foot in front of the other so that the heel of your foot touches the toes of your other foot. I’m sure you could think of lots of other ways too.

I have made you a small video clip of my big girl trying this out.



As we are working on transport that travels in the air I would like you yo have a go at making your own paper aeroplane. Can you make a paper aeroplane with different sizes of paper? Which one travels the furthest? Can your aeroplane travel 2 metres?

I had a go at yesterdays daily challenge with my two daughters. We had lots of fun! I thought you might like to see how we got on.


Daily challenge 13.5.20 – I started todays post by saying “Bonjour”. That means hello in French. Can you find out how people say hello in different languages? I wonder if you and your family can find out how to say hello in at least 6 different languages?


Please stay safe. Will post again tomorrow. Enjoy your day.

Miss Holland