Good morning everyone šŸ™‚ I hope you had a happy and safe weekend.

Please choose one reading, one writing and one maths activity to work on from your home learning packs.


This week our animal focus will be on mini-beasts. Watch the video below to find out about some mini-beasts.

Today I want you to be mini-beast hunters! I would like you to have a look in your garden or yard or perhaps you could go for a walk with your grown up. I would like you to have a look for mini-beasts and see how many different types you can find.


Write a list of which mini-beasts you do find so you don’t forget or you could use this sheet to help you.

Please remember that all animals are precious. We do not hurt or kill any of them on purpose, including mini-beasts.

Going on a minibeast hunt? Don't go without this fantastic ...

Daily challenge 13.7.20 – Play ‘hairdressers’ with a member of your family!