I have another punctuation and spelling quiz for you to have a go at. Remember to read each sentence carefully to try and work out what punctuation is missing. You might find it useful to try and include each of the choices in the sentences to help you work out which one it should be.

Remember to read through the feedback to help you understand the correct answers.

New spellings for this week:

Homophones/near homophones:

  1. their
  2. there
  3. they’re
  4. your
  5. you’re

Common Exception Words:

  1. through
  2. though
  3. thought

These words are all very easily muddled up but if they are written and used correctly, they can really improve the standard of your written work. It is really important you know the difference between each word and how to use them correctly. Write a sentence for each of the spelling words. Try to include as many different grammar techniques as possible (think about the ones I used in the quiz). If you can, link your sentences together to create a paragraph or story.

Practising your times tables is one of the most important Maths skills you can do. Your times tables are useful in lots of areas of Maths. Go through your times tables and write them down. Time yourself and see how quickly you can do it. Then use EdShed to practise the ones you find most difficult especially and test yourself again. Can you beat your time? If you do this regularly, you should be able to get quicker and quicker at recalling your times tables. Remember, if you don’t know a times table you can work it out. Start with the times table number and then count on that many more, write them down as you go. Remember to also look for patterns in the numbers that can help you (for example with the 9’s, the tens increase by one each time and the ones decrease by one each time).


Don’t forget to complete the Greatest Greats of Great Yarmouth Quiz from 7.7.2020 if you haven’t already done so. It’s been really interesting to see who you are voting for and why.