There is one Ancient Civilisation that we haven’t learnt much about, The Shang Dynasty. Watch this video about the Shang Dynasty. Make notes on what they do in their daily lives. You can make your notes in any way you like (important words, sentences, pictures). You may wish to watch the video a few times to make sure you get all of the important details in your notes.

In the time of the Shang Dynasty, they had lots of different Gods, how did they communicate with them? How is this similar or different to how Gods are communicated with now?

Money is a very useful everyday skill. This sheet: Addition with money, has some different adding money calculations to work out. There are 3 different challenges, remember to choose the challenge that suits you. Remember, you can always change challenge if you find it too hard or too easy. If you get stuck recognising the coins, use this to help you: Coin images.