Good morning everyone. I hope you had a lovely weekend and got the chance to enjoy the glorious sunshine.

Please complete one reading, one writing and one number activity from your learning packs.Ā  šŸ™‚

For our topic related work this week we are going to be thinking about jungle animals. Do any of you know what a jungle is? AĀ  jungle is a thick tropical forestĀ that has a lot of plants in it growing in an uncontrolled way. Do you remember our work on habitats? A jungle habitat is very different to a farm habitat. Do you think a farm and jungle will have the same animals living there? ……. No,they don’t. Below I have got some video clips for you to watch which will show you some animals that live in a jungle.

I would like you to have a go at a jungle animal word search as well today. It is a bit tricky because all of the letters are capital letters!!



Daily challenge 15.6.20 – Choose a small cuddly toy. Can you throw it up in the air and catch it? Can you throw it up in the air, clap your hands together and then catch it? How many times can you clap while the toy is in the air and still catch it?