Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

It was really nice to see so many responses to the Nutrition Diary quiz last week, I thought I would give you another quiz this week. This time it is a spelling quiz using the spelling words I gave you to learn last Monday. It is multiple choice, you have to select the correct spelling from the choices, good luck!

Here are your spellings to learn this week:

Months of the year:

  1. January
  2. February
  3. March
  4. April
  5. May
  6. June
  7. July
  8. August
  9. September
  10. October
  11. November
  12. December

Create a sentence with each of the words, your challenge this week is to include a fronted adverbial.

As part of our Maths learning in Year 3, you need to learn how many days each of the months has. Come up with a way to remember the number of days in each month. You could create a poster to help you remember, the more you write something, the easier it is to remember.

Log into EdShed to complete a Maths activity. Complete the assignment or practise your times tables, challenge yourself with the ones you find most difficult. While you are there, complete a spelling activity too!