Good morning ūüôā

Please continue with your daily activities from your home learning pack.


Today we are going to become Jungle explorers! To begin with you will need to make a pair of binoculars so that you will be able to see all of the jungle animals on our adventure.

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Next I need you to make a den in our jungle to keep you hidden and safe.

Indoor-Den-v3 | Murrayfield Primary School Blog                How To Build a Duvet Den (With images) | Fine bedding, Duvet ...

Next you need to gather supplies. You will need a snack and drink to have in your den! You will also need your writing book or some paper and something to write with.

Now you will need to use your imagination. I want you to go into your den with your binoculars and pretend you are in a jungle. The video below will help you to imagine what it might look and sound like. It would be brilliant if you could leave it playing when you go into your den so that you can hear all the different jungle noises.

What animals can you see or hear? Remember not all animals can live in a jungle. Use the work from yesterday to help you. All good explorers record what they do. I need you to write a list of all the animals that you can see and hear in your jungle.

Be safe jungle explorers! Enjoy your adventure.

Daily challenge 16.6.20 – Count backwards from 100!