In your pack, you will find a sheet titled Dissolving. This sheet explains a Science experiment that you can try at home. Try and dissolve as many different materials as you can. Remember to be careful when using hot water so that you don’t hurt yourself, I suggest hot tap water NOT boiling water! Once you have tried the experiment, write up your results. Answer these questions:

What equipment did you need?

What did you need to do?

Which material(s) dissolved best?

Which material(s) dissolved the least?

Was there a difference between hot and cold water?

Remember to write in full sentences, don’t simply answer the questions.

In your pack, you will find the double sided sheet Multiplication Missing Numbers. You need to fill in the blank space(s) on each robot so that the two numbers at the top multiplied together equal the number on the robot.

I also have a bonus one for you: If the number on the robot is 24, what could the two numbers be? (There are several combinations that work).