Artefacts are how we learn about the past, especially ancient history before things were written down. Archaeologists will study artefacts in an attempt to work out facts about the past to help us understand different time periods better. They will try to answer several questions to help them with their investigations. Today, you will become archaeologists! Take a look at these: Investigating Artefacts, choose at least three to have a go at answering the questions about. The pictures on these sheets are fairly small so if you want to be able to see them clearer, take a look at these Photos of Artefacts. If you are curious about what the artefacts are then this sheet will tell you: The Artefacts, don’t look until after you have come up with your ideas though, it doesn’t matter if your ideas are different to what it actually is! Remember, this is just what archaeologists believe, the truth could be something different.


Choose the appropriate level of challenge for yourself from these questions: Mat 6. Remember, there are lots of different areas of Maths being used here so think carefully about all your Maths skills.