Good morning Kangaroos!

Joke of the day: What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back? A stick!

Spelling: Ask someone to test you on this week’s spellings. They are:

  1. weren’t
  2. shouldn’t
  3. aren’t
  4. hasn’t
  5. can’t
  6. don’t

Here are the answers from yesterday’s Maths task:


Here is your weekly Friday quiz:


Today, I would like you to write about your favourite day in year 2. It is completely up to you which day you would like to write about. You must mention why it was your favourite day and explain exactly what happened.

Here is your next English lesson: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-write-a-non-chronological-text

Have a lovely weekend with your families!

Miss Gislam