During the Shang Dynasty, art was used as a method of communication with the Gods. When we studied the Stone Age, we looked at how art was used as communication about the different animals in different locations to aid with hunting. I find it really interesting that two completely different cultures, thousands of miles apart both used art as a form of communication. During the Shang dynasty, they would use bone or bronze and produce intricate sculptures. These sculptures have had an impact on later Chinese art and there is still similarities that can be seen today.

A lot of Chinese artwork contains Chinese Calligraphy, this is the writing of Chinese characters (like letters or numbers) in an art form. These are often very detailed. Take a look at the numbers shown here: T2-G-114A–Numbers-0-10-in-Mandarin-Chinese-Flash-Cards-Straight-1, have a go at recreating them yourself.

A lot of Chinese artwork that is more modern than the Shang Dynasty contains animals and flowers. Take a look at these images: Art AnimalsFlowers art. Write some things that you like about them.

Have a go at creating your own piece of Chinese artwork. They would often use watercolour paints but you can use whatever you have at home. These blossom pictures might help you with drawing the flowers: T-T-17174-Chinese-Blossom-Tree-Display-Photos. Try to include some Chinese calligraphy in your images.

I have created a Maths quiz for you to have a go at using a variety of Maths skills. Remember to use your written methods before entering an answer.

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