Good Morning šŸ™‚

Please continue to work on your reading, writing, counting and calculating targets.

Have a look at the free eBooks available for children on Oxford Owl Reading – look at 14.5.20 for details.


Thinking about our work on transport we have spent the last few weeks looking at land, water and air transport. This week we are going to link transport with journeys. Todays job is for you to think and talk about different journeys that a person can take. I want you to decide if they are journeys that only take a short while orĀ  journeys that would take a long time. I have listed some different journeys below, how long do you think they will take?

  • Travel to school in a car.
  • Travel to America in an aeroplane.
  • Travel by train to London.
  • Walk to the sweet shop.
  • Ā Travel around a playground on a scooter.
  • Ā Visit a relative. Does where they live affect what transport you need to use? Why?

Have a look at this video, it has lots of words to do with transport and travelling.

Daily challenge 18.5.20 – A very well known game to play when travelling is call “I packed my bag”. It is a really good game to help develop memory skills. Have a go at playing it with your family.

One after the other, players say they pack something into their bag. Each player first has to remember, what the other players packed, and then add something. Player 1: I packed my bag with a shoe. Player 2: I packed my bag with a shoe, and a pencil. Player 3: I packed my bag with a shoe, a pencil, and an apple. It then returns to the first player and so on.