Good morning everyone šŸ™‚ I hope you had a lovely Easter. Did the Easter bunny bring you an Easter egg?

I want to let you know that I am missing each and every one of you and I am wishing that you all stay healthy and safe.

Now that the Easter holidays are over I will be posting on the website every school day. Alongside the personalised pack of activities you received I would like it if you can complete the topic activity that I will be setting and attempt the daily challenge!

A reminder about the personalised packs you received, these contain reading, writing, counting and calculating activities. If you can spend up to 20 minutes on each area of learning each day I will be super proud.

This half term our topic of learning is based on TRANSPORT. Transport is a way of travelling from one place to another. There are lots of different ways we can do this. Today I would like you to make your own spider diagram naming as many different types of transport that you can think of. (A spider diagram has a word describing the topic in the middle and lines coming off of it naming ideas).

Daily challenge 20.4.20 – can you draw a picture using the 2D shapes square, rectangle, triangle, circle, oval and diamond (rhombus).