Yesterday, you started reading the second story in your Swashbuckle Lil book. Today you should finish reading the story. Once you have read the whole story, answer these comprehension questions about it. Remember to answer in full sentences (sentences don’t start with because). Swashbuckle Lil Reading Comprehension Questions 2nd Story

In you pack, you had some times table colouring sheets. Choose one of the sheets to complete. Use EdShed to then practise the tables you find most difficult to try to improve. It’s great to see that some of you have been using EdShed more regularly, keep up the hard work!

Answers from yesterday: To know the number of days in each month answers


This activity on BBC Bitesize looks fun, a good way to have a go at painting and drawing and trying to improve your skills: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zjvj7nb